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Nurmagomedov vs Ferguson Live STrEam Free

How to watch Nurmagomedov vs Ferguson: Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson will not be fighting until April, but the two will meet sooner at the UFC 249 bout on March 6th. UFC announced on Wednesday.

The press conference will be held at the UFC 248 main event at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas the day before the defense of the middleweight title against Joel Romero in Adesanya, Israel. UFC lightweight champion Khabib has reiterated the idea of a super-fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and is proposing a combination of boxing and MMA.

For each TMZ sport, the Russians said he would give the boxing star the majority of rounds in his favorite field: “One round MMA, maybe like eleven rounds of boxing.” Current UFC lightweight champion Nurmagomedov hasn’t fought since submitting then-time champion Dustin Poirier to unify lightweight titles at UFC 242. Holds his 155-pound title.

Once a lightweight titleholder, Ferguson has won 12 races in a row, winning a pause against Donald Serone, Anthony Pettis, Kevin Lee, and others. El Cucuy is considered to be the toughest opponent of The Eagle to date, and both men are expected to perform at the UFC 249.

Khabib vs Ferguson: stream Free Online, Check your service to see if it appears. If you have but are not on the territory, read the information above to learn how to view Khabib vs. Ferguson UFC. I am worried about not paying a huge PPV fee.

ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, undefeated UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, will be defending Tony Ferguson in Brooklyn on April 18 along with former interim champion Tony. If you’re new to UFC, you know the game was planned many times, but it’s a dream that injuries or illnesses disrupted the game. On Friday night, unbeaten UFC lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov will defend the title against former interim champion Tony Ferguson in Brooklyn on April 18, according to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto.

Ferguson vs Nurmagomedov, If you’re new to UFC, you’ll see that this match has been scheduled multiple times, but injuries and illnesses have derailed a dreamlike game. Specifically, it is the fifth time that two men will meet. Let’s look back on the last four times Nurmagomedov was scheduled to fight Ferguson.

Ferguson was 19-3 at the time but has won six of the current 12 races. Nurmagomedov was 22-0 but got out of the game with a rib bone injury. Ferguson continued to compete in the event, winning Edson Barbosa a second time via a dozen chokes.

Ferguson vs Nurmagomedov live, It was an action-packed bloody battle that helped to establish Ferguson as one of the world’s most exciting and talented fighters.

This time Ferguson suffered an injury/illness and the match was canceled.

“Blood/fluid” in his lungs forced him out of a game with Nurmagomedov. As Ferguson did the previous year, Nurmagomedov will stop the standing opponent in place of his rivals.

Nurmagomedov struck a ground and pound strike against an undefended Darrell Horcher and won an overwhelming victory in the second round of TKO. With the victory, Nurmagomedov’s record was 23-0. Ferguson returned to the Octagon in July 2016, winning a thrilling second-round submission victory below Landvannata via Bravo Choke. Ferguson’s seventh consecutive victory.