Is Stipe Still A Firefighter?

What fire department does Stipe work for?

Village of Valley View Fire DepartmentStipe Miocic is not the UFC heavyweight champion at this table.

He’s a firefighter and a paramedic with the Village of Valley View Fire Department, and this is his inner sanctum..

Is Fedor the goat?

But when asked who the “GOAT” is, he didn’t hesitate: “Definitely Fedor. You don’t even have to think much about it, he’s obviously the best.” Indeed, the Russian legend went 28 fights unbeaten from 2001 to 2010, and was also voted fighter of the decade by Sports Illustrated.

Who is the richest UFC fighter?

Conor McGregorConor McGregor tops the list of all-time highest-paid UFC fighters.

Where does Stipe Miocic train?

As a part-time firefighter and UFC champion, Miocic has to balance his gruelling MMA training schedule, five to six days a week, often with double daily sessions, and his work at the firestation — three days a week, 12-14 hours per shift.

How much do UFC fighters get paid?

So, there is a lot of question about how, and how much do UFC fighters get paid. The average UFC fighter made $147,965 in 2020, up from average earnings of $146,673 in 2019. 219 fighters (38%) earned six-figures in 2020. The highest-paid UFC fighter was Khabib Nurmagomedov, with $6,090,000.

Is Stipe Miocic still a firefighter?

Miocic is one of the best MMA fighters in the world, but the entire time he’s been fighting in the Octagon, he’s also been working as a firefighter and paramedic at the Valley View Fire Department in Cleveland.

Is Stipe a volunteer firefighter?

Stipe Miocic is not a volunteer firefighter.

Is Stipe Miocic the goat?

While Stipe will never be a UFC ‘Champ-Champ’, he is the first-ever ‘Hero-Champ’. When he’s not in the octagon defending his heavyweight title, Stipe works as a firefighter/paramedic. He has worked for the emergency services since 2010 in Oakwood and Valley View, Ohio.

Is Stipe Miocic a boxer?

A former Golden Gloves boxing champion and NCAA Division I wrestler at Cleveland State University, Miocic’s strengths are his combination of high-level boxing ability and advanced wrestling.

Who has beaten Stipe Miocic?

Francis NgannouCLEVELAND — Northeast Ohio native Stipe Miocic saw his reign as UFC Heavyweight Champion come to an end on Saturday night after being knocked out by Francis Ngannou in the main event of UFC 260. Ngannou took the belt after dropping Miocic in the 2nd round with a left hook and a right hammer fist at the 52 second mark.

What is Stipe Miocic worth?

Miocic’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million, per multiple sites that claim to measure that metric. According to, however, Miocic has earned a disclosed $5.278 million in career earnings.

Who is Stipe Miocic wife?

Ryan Marie Carneym. 2016Stipe Miocic/Wife

What is Dana White Worth?

This is the latest accepted revision, reviewed on 18 April 2021….Dana WhiteKnown forUltimate Fighting ChampionshipNet worth$500 million (2019)Spouse(s)Anne Stella ​ ( m. 1996)​Children32 more rows

How old is Miocic?

38 years (August 19, 1982)Stipe Miocic/Age

Who won Cormier vs Miocic 1?

Daniel CormierDaniel Cormier Defeated Stipe Miocic in 1 of the Greatest UFC Fights of His Career. Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic have delivered some of the best UFC fights in heavyweight history. It was a year ago the pair last met and Miocic walked out the champion with a fourth-round TKO.

Who defeated Jon Jones?

Matt HamillJon Jones has only lost once in his UFC career and the decision still remains controversial ten years on. Jones was disqualified from his bout with Matt Hamill at the The Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights Finale back in December 2009.

How much Jon Jones make per fight?

According to the Sports Daily, Jon Jones has made almost $10 million in career earnings from his 26 MMA matches competing in the UFC so far. While his two most profitable paydays were against Cormier, Jon Jones got paid only $12,000 for his first fight in the promotion against Andre Gusmao in 2008.