Why Did Vader Kill The Younglings?

Did Vader love Padme?

Vader screaming for the loss of Padmé.

Even as a Sith Lord, Anakin still loved Padmé very much, but felt great guilt for his actions against her..

Did Anakin regret killing younglings?

He did have remorse, as the scene of him in tears on Mustafar shows. He murdered children, betrayed his allies, and killed the leaders of the Separatists when they pretty much ceased to be a threat (they’re not exactly good people but Anakin didn’t need to murder them in cold blood).

How did Vader feel after killing Obi Wan?

Darth Vader showed no emotion at all when he killed Obi-Wan Kenobi. If you watch the scene carefully, you will see Kenobi pausing. He was letting Vader kill him. … Surely Anakin Skywalker felt mixed emotions of killing the man he hated but had once loved like a brother.

What did Anakin do to the younglings?

But Anakin slaughtering the younglings stands out as particularly brutal even within the scope of what he did in ROTS. He killed unarmed and defenseless children almost right after he caused Mace’s death.

How many Jedi did Anakin kill?

3Anakin killed 3 known Jedi Masters during his massacre of the Jedi temple. All of which were of especially high note within the order. Master Cin Drallig was the “Battlemaster” of the Jedi Order.

Who is the strongest Jedi?

Top 10 Strongest Jedi of All TimeKit Fisto (the one on the right)Plo Koon.Nomi Sunrider.Obi-Wan Kenobi. Mark Rain, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr.Mace Windu.Revan.Yoda.Luke Skywalker.More items…•Apr 22, 2020

Who killed Padme?

Palpatine already knew how to influence the midichlorians to create life and save people from dying. So, as Anakin was dying from his wounds on Mustafar, the Emperor siphoned the Living Force from Padmé and brought it to Anakin. Thus, she died as he was reborn as Darth Vader.

Did Vader ever visit Padme’s grave?

More about it on this link: Padmé Amidala’s mausoleum . He actually did! Padmé’s body was not cremated, but interred (placed?) in a mausoleum built specially for her. Vader did eventually visit it.

Was Vader supposed to kill the younglings?

Anakin led Clone Troopers into the Jedi Temple to kill the Jedi there, and in one harrowing scene he was personally responsible for slaughtering the Younglings. … In doing so, he unwittingly forced Darth Vader to acknowledge he had never freely chosen the dark side, but instead had been manipulated every step of the way.

Who were the younglings that Anakin killed?

As she meditated in the temple, Shaak Ti was killed by Vader when he stabbed her through the back. Even the younglings were slain by the former Anakin Skywalker. Vader then confronted Cin Drallig, the Temple’s battlemaster and one of the most powerful Masters in the Temple.

Did Anakin regret choking Padme?

Had Obi-Wan not showed up at Mustafar, Anakin wouldn’t have choked Padmé. So while he was filled with remorse for hurting the woman he loved, he blamed Obi-Wan for it, not Padmé. Even if he thought Padmé betrayed him, ultimately he felt it was Obi-Wan’s fault.

Why didnt Obi Wan finish off Anakin?

The answer then becomes simple: Obi Wan didn’t finish off Anakin because to finish him off would be not the Jedi way. In the Stover novel Obi Wan said (or thought): “It would be mercy to kill him, and Obi Wan was not feeling mercifully”.

Does Anakin hate Obi-Wan?

In the deepest and most remote parts of his soul, he recalls the man that essentially raised him and the woman that loved him. And he knows that he betrayed them, his oath as a Jedi Knight and the very ideal of Justice that he swore to defend. Anakin Skywalker doesn’t hate Obi-Wan Kenobi. He hates himself.

Why did Anakin’s eyes turn yellow?

2 Answers. From the Wookieepedia article on Anakin Skywalker, his eyes changed color as a result of embracing the dark side of the force. … When Skywalker finally managed to climb up to the garden of the tower, he found Tano, brainwashed by the Son’s influence, her eyes bearing the yellow hue of the dark side’s taint.

Why did Darth Vader not recognize c3po?

Darth Vader built C-3PO and spent a lot of time with him from the time of his mother’s death to his turn to the dark side. There are several look-a-like protocol droids in the franchise. … Obviously, C-3PO does not recognize Vader because his memory was wiped at the end of Revenge of the Sith.

Was Anakin supposed to kill the younglings?

Now Anakin was tasked with going to the Jedi Temple to “do what must be done”. … This certainly means that he was supposed to kill all the Jedi in the temple, but younglings haven’t reached the rank of Jedi yet.

Did Obi-Wan regret not killing Anakin?

“Nothing happens by accident.” If we unpack that philosophy and apply it to Anakin/Vader on Mustafar, Obi-Wan would never regret delivering the death stroke to him because: Anakin/Vader would never have had the opportunity to turn back, being thus destroyed as a weapon of the Dark side.

Did Vader feel remorse?

No regrets. Worth. in the canon novel “lords of the sith” Vader is constantly reminded of his past and his regret. It is this regret that powers his emotions and his connection to the dark side of the force.