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UFC 246: Connor McGregor has many questions to answer when returning to UFC 246. However, his head coach seems to believe that he will be at his best when clashing with Donald “Cowboy” Selone on January 18.

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John Cabana, who worked with McGregor in every fight at UFC, revealed on New Year’s Day that the team had finished their last sparring session in Ireland before moving their training camp to Las Vegas.

Almost 15 months have passed since McGregor fought, but Cabana is better than ever before as a former two-part UFC champion is preparing for his third 170-pound fight in four. I said that it was.

“On January 1, the last heavy spar before going to Las Vegas today,” Cabana wrote on Twitter. “I can honestly say that this is the best I’ve seen him. Six months ago I didn’t know if it was possible. “Everyone is really interesting. I’m happy to have a good seat!”

UFC 246 PPV Price

The next mixed martial arts UFC battle is $ 360, with tickets totaling $ 116 to $ 691. Ticket prices are not static; tickets have changed due to dates. For upcoming events, there is speculation that the PPV UFC will cost viewers a total of $ 59.99 per event, which will be the current situation for ESPN subscribers. This is good news. That’s because fans pay less for this type of event.

Pay-per-view services are only delivered by ESPN Plus. This right is to stay with them in the United States until 2025. This means that US fans need to rely on this digital network for future battles hosted by UFC.


UFC fans ring in the New Year by being forced to pay a few more dollars to watch MMA Promoter’s best pay-per-view event on ESPN Plus.

Disney’s ESPN Plus will raise the price of UFC’s tent pole PPV events starting at UFC 246 on January 18, 2020, to $ 64.99 each. When ESPN Plus became the exclusive US home of the MMA Pay Per View event in March 2019, it initially sold for $ 59.99.

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 McGregor vs. Cowboy

Connor McGregor, TKO, R1
A very close fight. I like Cerrone so much that does it. You can see Mcgregor mark his return in the first round KO.

Greene vs Oleinik

Maurice Green, TKO, R1
I was shocked that Olaynick was a favorite here. Certainly, he has more experience, and his failure is the submission master, but he can’t see tapping the green. Green is not the best fighter. He was flattened to Pavlovich in the last fight, but for me, Pavlovich is the future champion. Olenick looked like an old man in the last fight Walt Harris literally destroyed him. If this fight falls to the ground early on, Olein has a chance to tap on the green, but for me, Green reveals Olein’s history and is very similar to what Walt Harris did to him. think.

Modafferi vs Barber

Macy Barber, TKO, R2
To be honest, I’m not very interested in women’s fights, but because Barber has something very attractive, she wins so simply.

Yusuff vs Fili

Sodiq Yusuff, DEC
Both very good fighters, Yusaf’s toughest fight ever, but I can see him pull this out by decision and win.

Dober vs Haqparast

Nasrat Haqparast, DEC
Kelvin Gatherms’ twins were future champions, and he looked brilliant in the last battle. A very clever fighter that can win this with a decision.

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